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Bedrooms Made Cozy by Decorative Wool Rugs

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 10:21:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

The bedroom is always the one room that a person wants to personalize the most in the home. One way of making your bedroom cozier and more personal is by using decorative wool rugs. Here at Natural Home Rugs, we offer luxury rugs that can be custom made to suit your home. We offer an array of wool rugs that are known for their softness and durability. This includes wool sisal rugs, New Zealand wool rugs and custom wool rugs.

Wool as a good choice

This fabric is highly durable and has the ability to revert to its natural state after being walked on frequently.  It is for this reason that wool area rugs can still look great after years of use. They work very well in the busy areas of your home, like hallways or stairs. Wool is highly insulated, which is a good way of cutting down on noise in your home. Wool area rugs are frequently used in places with high noise levels like offices, but will work well in bedrooms as well.

We offer a wide variety of wool rugs that are known for being soft and durable, and this will give your bedroom a warm feel.  For example, our wool sisal rugs are a mixture of the qualities of pure wool and the durability of sisal fiber. It is environmentally-friendly, as well as affordable.  They will give your bedroom a cozy feel, especially when you place your bare feet on the rug first thing in the morning. Handcrafted wool sisal rugs are made from the purest blends of European wools and high quality sisal. They also have a non-slip latex backing and a cotton-twill border.

In addition, we also have New Zealand wool rugs, which are made from the highest quality New Zealand wools. They will work well in any bedroom regardless of what kind of wool rug you are looking for, and we can help you find the perfect size or shape. You have a variety of beautiful weave patterns and border colors, as well as the option for borderless or self-edge finished rugs. This will give your room simplicity as well as a hint of sophistication. Our selection includes pre-made wool rugs, which will let your creative juices take charge. For example, our Pacifica Dhurrie Wool Rug will look great against wood flooring, and will brighten any room, especially on those dark cold evenings.

All natural materials

The decorative wool rugs are made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, and they are hand woven by Artisan rug makers. The rugs are reversible and are made from nature’s finest materials—and they are easy on the environment. They bring class to any room, including your bedroom, which will make it much more intimate and personal. When you are choosing a wool rug with us, the important thing to keep in mind is how to incorporate it with the rest of your bedroom. Feel free to call us today at 1(800) 601-6062 or visit our website to learn how we can make any wool rug suitable for your bedroom.

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Extend the Life of Your Rug by Providing a Smooth, Supportive Rug Pads

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 10:03:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Your carpets see a lot of wear and, over time, high traffic areas get worn down and worn out. Luckily carpets have a soft under pad that helps protect your feet and the life of the carpet. Unfortunately, many people buy rugs, slap them down and then move on. Rugs also see a lot of foot traffic, and by installing a rug pad you can increase the life of your rugs, and a few other things.

Stay put

Rugs are the worst for sliding around and shifting out of place. This becomes dangerous, particularly if you have children running around the house. Rug pads provide a non-slip surface between the rug and the floor, securing it in place without having to use any type of adhesive. This is great for homes with pets too.

Look pristine

Non-slip rug pads

When you simply place a rug on a hard surface, such as a wood floor, constant foot traffic tends to roll the edges and bend the corners. With a rug pad in place, the carpet won’t slide or get caught under foot as easily. Rolled edges are very hard to reverse and may even destroy your rug entirely over time. Consider using rug pads as a means of preservation.

They’re your feet

Soft surfaces are much better for your feet, knees and back than hard surfaces. Spending all day walking around on unpadded surfaces takes its toll. While outdoors we use shoes to absorb the impact of our feet hitting the ground, indoors we are often shoeless and, unless your entire home is carpeted, you may find your back and feet getting tired quickly.

If you do have hardwood or tile floors throughout your home, strategically placed rugs can make it much more manageable when going about your day. Placing rugs in front of sinks, including the ones in your washroom, as well as counter spaces where you do your food prep will save you a lot of physical pain. There is more you can do, however. By adding padding underneath your rugs, you’ll get extra padding and support in the areas of your home you use most.

It’s not permanent

Non-slip rug pads does not use any adhesives. In the past, people often used carpet tape or double-sided tape, to secure the corners of their rugs to prevent rolling and bunching. The downside to this was that, over time, the adhesive would collect dirt and leave residue on the hard surfaces. If you wanted to change a rug’s position, you had to peel up tape and scrub off adhesive marks. Now with rug pads you can conveniently lift the rug and the pad and reposition it anywhere you’d like in about ten seconds.

Rug pads solve a lot of issues that come with using rugs, but they primarily protect the rug itself, your floors, and your feet from any undue stress. If you are having a hard time keeping your rugs in place, get some pads under them and see the difference. Check out Natural Home Rugs’ website to view our selection of fabulous rugs and rug pads today.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Natural Fiber Rugs

Sunday, October 26, 2014 9:58:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

As a company specializing in natural fiber rugs, we could go on for hours or even days at a time telling you all the good things about our products and just how well they compare with and surpass anything else on the market. We present the list of ten things you didn’t know about natural fiber rugs.

Natural fiber rugs are durable

The usual myth has it that synthetic fibers are better in at least one way—durability. Having worked with natural fiber rugs for years, and having observed people coming in to replace their worn-out synthetic rugs for something better, we beg to differ.

Natural fiber rugs are diverse

Natural fibers are many, and include wool, sisal, jute, bamboo, seagrass and many others.

Natural fiber rugs need not be expensive

We frequently have rugs for sale here at Natural Home Rugs, and you can save up to 70% on top quality rugs.

Natural fiber rugs are eco-friendly

If you are interested in helping our planet out, you should be aware of the fact that your floor rug can be part of the solution.

Natural fiber rugs are not difficult to clean

Yes, it may take some effort for the really big spills, but this is no reason why you should opt for a plastic floor covering when you could have a beautiful natural rug as part of your room’s design.

Natural fiber rugs are natural fiber rugsas unique as you are

We take pride in importing original rugs instead of having hundreds of the absolutely same rugs for sale for extended periods of time.

You can find a special rug for every type of room

Our specialists will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for every part of your house.

Rugs can be central to design

The floor is the largest space you have in your house—so why not use it as the design anchor to create unique and comfortable layouts for every room?

Back to those materials

We have rugs made from various natural fibers for a reason. We, at Natural Home Rugs have been in business since 1972 and have built up quite a reputation for always meaning what we say. If you look through our detailed descriptions of what each of the materials has as its best qualities, you will see that you had not known too much about natural fiber rugs before you visited us. Let us help you find the solution that works best for your individual situation! We look forward to assisting you on this wonderful journey.

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Decorating with Sisal Rugs and Carpets

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 9:38:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sisal is a natural vegetable fiber that’s cultivated in the southern hemisphere, specifically in Brazil. Traditionally, sisal has been used to make twine because of its strength, durability, and because it won’t deteriorate in salt water. The result of this fiber is that it makes for a great product that can withstand excessive tugging and work-related wear and tear. Sisal’s higher-grade fiber can be used for yarns, carpets, and rugs. Because sisal is a strong and durable product, it won’t wear down after continuous movement. That’s why sisal makes for great rugs and carpets, adding to the natural feeling of a house or home.

Why choose sisal?

One of the great benefits of sisal rugs and carpets is its ability to hold onto various dyes. This allows for sisal rugs and carpets to be dyed virtually any color to match the interior of a room. This is particularly helpful when decorating children’s bedrooms or play areas. The carpets or rugs that are made from sisal fibers can easily hold onto dyes, making for a fun and colorful floor mat; something that kids will love.

Parents, too, will love how durable sisal carpets and rugs are. In high traffic areas, sisal carpets and rugs will hold together longer than traditionally made carpets or rugs. This means that even though little feet will be running all over the sisal rug, it won’t have to be replaced that quickly, nor will it look as if it’s been through a war zone.

Where should you put it?

Although sisal carpets and rugs will hold together in high traffic areas, they should not be placed where they can get wet from rain or snow. Due to the fibrous nature of sisal, there’s a possibility that any carpets or rugs made from this material could mold if gotten wet and not dried quickly. If spills do happen on your sisal carpet or rug, be sure to clean it right away with a fiber sealer for spot removal or a dry-cleaning powder to absorb the liquid.

This is a good reason to consider where in your house or home, you’ll be putting your sisal carpet or rug. They look great, adding a kind of warmth to a room, can be dyed easily to match any color theme you may have going on already, but they’re not particularly resistant to spills or liquids. So you might want to keep these carpets and rugs away from areas in which children are more prone to spilling their drinks!

Sisal carpets and rugs can make for a beautiful addition to anyone’s house or home.  With their unique colors and patterns and their extreme durability, they are the natural choice for home décor. If you are looking for the perfect new rug to accent your space, we at Natural Home Rugs (  can help you find the perfect fit.  Come check us out today, so we can make sure your home is as naturally comfortable, durable, stylish and beautiful as you’ve always wanted it to be.

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Elegance of Your Home Accentuated by Sisal Rugs

Thursday, September 18, 2014 9:33:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

There are many people who are becoming more environmentally conscious. This is why sisal rugs are an excellent choice to add elegance to your home. Did you know that sisal is a form of the agave plant and its leaves are used for fiber production? This means you are getting an all-natural rug to accentuate your space.

Use a rug to add a punch of color to a room

If your living situation prevents you from painting your walls, or if you are just not the adventurous type with color; you can add a rug. Sisal rugs can add a pop of color or a unique pattern to a neutral room. Sometimes, you can use a rug as the focal point of a room and choose a wall color and other decorating accents based on the rug you have chosen.

It adds comfort to your home

Rugs can add a sense of comfort to a home. If your house has bare floors covered with linoleum or wood flooring, it can warm up the space. You also won’t need to wear slippers all the time. Here are some more design tips to help you choose a sisal area rug.

What size of rug do you need?

Measure the space where you intend to put your area rug; your rug should be comparable to the size of your room. You do not want a rug to take up the entire room if you have a small space, or to be swallowed by the room in a larger area. Make sure you keep your rug in proportion to the size of the room you are decorating. If you are considering placing a rug under furniture, such as a dining room table or desk, make sure the rug is the appropriate size so when your chair is pushed out slightly it does not come off of the rug. This will make sure your chairs aren’t dragging on your rug. If you have a circular rug, it is best to center it under a light fixture and add furniture around or on top of the rug.

What color should you choose?

When you are choosing a rug for your room, you may be wondering what color to choose from a seemingly endless range of color schemes. Here are some basic rules to follow when thinking about color. Sometimes, it looks great to create contrast in a room. If you have a dark floor, choose a light colored rug, a light colored floor can look great with a dark rug. If you can’t repaint your walls, it is a good idea to find a rug that has the same color as your room as the dominant color. This can also be made to match the color of your furniture.

Sisal area rugs can add comfort and style to your home. They can be the focal point of a room, can accentuate the elegance of your furniture, and can provide visual interest in your space. Contact Natural Home Rugs to create your custom sisal rug today.

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Learn How to Make A Style Statement With Custom Rugs

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 9:30:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

Our home is a reflection of who we are – it speaks to our experiences, our passions, and our personality. When we own this space, we can reflect this in many ways from the colors on the wall to the built-in furniture, and from the window treatments, lights and fixtures to the flooring. However, if we are simply leasing a space either to live or work, we may have limitations on how we can personalize that space – a splash of color on the walls or new light fixtures might not be an option. But, we can look at other ways to create the unique feel we are looking for.

One of these ways to make a personal style statement is with a custom rug – they do not change the core of the space; however, they can entirely transform the space by becoming a focal point, an eye catching statement for all to reflect on.

Using custom rugs allows so much flexibility, and the potential style is as unique and endless as the imagination allows

One may wish to tone down a space that has a really loud floor by simply creating a softer color, design and feel through a rug. Or one can create a splash of attention and cover up an old or drab floor with the most dynamic rugs possible. Another factor for many people looking at using custom rugs in their space is the variety of textures and materials available to choose from.

There are three key things to consider in choosing the perfect custom rug. First, one chooses the shape, be it round, oval, square, semicircle, etc. Then, once the shape has been chosen, it is time to consider the weave – with over 35 different weave options, the choices are almost inconceivable. And finally, once shape and weave are chosen, it is time to pick the details, such as the trim, corners, stitching, etc., that will complete the look.

About us

We, at Natural Home Rugs are excited about the products and services we can offer. We are indeed one of America's leading natural flooring distributors – and we are proud of our reputation. We have a reputation for building quality products with impeccable service. Our customers know they can rely on us to help them buy the best products in an easy, efficient and totally customized manner. We try to make purchasing the perfect rug a personal experience, and treat each customer uniquely by coming to understand their needs and expectations before guiding them to any particular product.

We explain our products, show the quality, and discuss each potential purchase and the impact of it – we focus on teaching how to decorate in style and how to make a style statement with custom rugs, ensuring each customer creates a home that is a reflection of their desires, their passions and their budgets. We offer an extensive selection of both traditional and unique colors, designs, and styles – whatever personality you are seeking to emphasize, we can find the right custom rug for you.

Specific to our custom rugs, we directly import all natural materials for these high-quality rugs. The manufacturing processes used at Natural Home Rugs stems from ancient rug-making traditions that have produced elegant, durable products for many generations. For many people, the connection to this ancient art adds even more elegance and wonder to the product, also creating not only a focal point in the home, but also a potential story to share.

To find out how to make a style statement with custom rugs, contact us using our toll free number at 1(800) 601-6062; international number at 1(323) 582-04999 or e-mail

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How to Enhance an Ordinary Room with Custom Size Rugs

Thursday, September 11, 2014 9:27:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

When it comes to redecorating a home, many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to go big—or they have to go home. Well, actually, in a way that is what people should do; go home.  But, if they want to redecorate, they only need to make a few changes. One way to enhance any home is to use custom size rugs, which can help turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room.

A welcome entrance

Maybe people do not want to make their guests remove their shoes in their home, but it is unlikely that any homeowner wants dirt and mud to be tracked inside his or her home either. Having a small custom rug at the entrance or doorway of any home, including in front of the balcony and patio doors, can help keep dirt and mud from entering other areas of the home. Using a sturdy rug material, like sisal or mountain grass, will help to ensure the rug will look great and last a long time in this high traffic area.

Break up a large open concept space

A lot of modern homes have an open plan where there are few internal walls or partitions to physically separate the living area from the dining room or the kitchen. Sometimes homeowners still want to have a visual aid to help separate one space from another, and this can be done by using a large area rug in a contrasting color to help add dimension and visual appeal from one room to another.

This can also be done for studio apartments to help separate the living area from the bedroom area of a room. However, a smaller and perhaps a light colored rug should be used in a small apartment or room, since adding a large and dark rug could overwhelm the space and cause it to look much smaller than it already is.

Cover up a flaw on the floor

The large carpet stain that just will not come out, or the hardwood flooring that has dulled or is scratched and just will not get its original luster back can be the bane of many homeowners. While some people might want to rip out the carpet or replace all the hardwood, many people just do not have the time, money, and resources to undertake such a renovation.

Custom area rugs to the rescue! 

A large custom area rug with a fun pattern or contrasting color from the color of the main carpet or hardwood floor can help to add a visual statement to a room and give it a new life. For homeowners who are tired of the same old boring look, a custom rug can add just the redecorating spark they need. 

Redecorating a room does not have to mean that people need to knock down a wall or spend thousands of dollars (or more). A simple change, like adding an area rug to a room, can help people get a new look for their homes in a practical and beautiful way.  Contact us at Natural Home Rugs today, so we can help you get the look you’ve always wanted in your home.

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Custom Rugs Add Distinction to Colorful Interiors

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 9:24:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

You have come home from a hard day at the office.  You’ve been running around from meeting to meeting all day and your feet hurt. You walk through the door, kick off your shoes and immediately feel a sharp pain in your feet. It is winter, and you are very tired and you have just come home to a hard, cold floor. If you are thinking how uncomfortable your feet are when you come home and wish there was something you could do about it, there is.  You could get a custom rug made for your home.

Flooring trends

Custom Rugs Add Distinction to Colorful Interiors

Recently, hardwood (and, really, anything but carpet flooring) is more popular than ever!  However, carpet always adds a warmth to a room that four square walls and pretty colors just cannot.  But is there a way to get the hygienic hard flooring with the warmth and designer touch of carpet?  In a word, yes.  Nowadays, custom area rugs are easily made and they complete a room, adding a bit of warmth and distinguishing each part of the room you worked so hard on curating. There is not anything more satisfying than running your cold toes through a rug on a cold day.

Why area rugs are on their way back in

Many people fixate on the color of the walls in their home, and while it is very true, color can change a room completely, some places you may rent simply will not allow you to paint the walls. Tenants become frustrated and end up not enjoying the place they call home, which is a terrible thing to think as a home should be a place you enjoy spending time in. In circumstances like this or in instances where the color just isn’t finishing the room off, getting a custom rug may be a simple and cost effective solution.

A custom fit for under your feet

Custom Rugs Add Distinction to Colorful Interiors

Custom rugs can be any size; they will be made to fit the specifications of exactly the location you want to put your rug in. The shape is no issue at all: rectangle, square, circle, oval and semi-circle shapes are all easily available, and with the customizability of today’s rugs practically any shape can be created for your home. Custom rugs are generally a higher quality than anything you will find in a store. Custom rugs are made with high quality craftsmanship and will be sure to satisfy the needs of you and your home.

Deciding to get a custom rug made for your home is something not many people think about, but frankly more should. Custom rugs make interior design a lot easier as you cut out a lot of the middle steps—like researching what size will fit in your home and driving around from store to store trying to find what you are looking for. With a custom rug, you will be able to dictate exactly the color and texture you want as well as the size that fits the need of your home.

You will never be disappointed with a custom rug from Natural Home Rugs.  Our rugs are made specifically for your home, and the quality will rival anything you can find in a store.  Come check us out today, so we can make sure your feet have a happy home, too.

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3 Ways of Enriching Modern Décor with Custom Area Rugs

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 9:19:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Area rugs have become more than simply a warm place to put your feet.  As carpetless homes have become more common, area rugs have also increased in popularity.  An area rug ties a room together and accents the room’s décor.  They provide the finishing touch to a room in a very subtle way.  Without a decorating degree, many people still struggle with ideas on how to use rugs to finish their rooms.  Here are three simple ways that you can enrich your modern décor with custom area rugs.

Small rugs create an entirely new look

3 Ways of Enriching Modern Décor with Custom Area Rugs

Just as one large rug is used to tie together a room, several smaller ones can be used to create zones, or areas in a room.  For example, a bedroom may have a small computer desk as well as a dresser.  Placing a rug in each area will playfully divide up the room, but with the right use of pattern and color they can still accent each other in a magical way.  Place a small rug under the computer desk and chair.  Place another half circle rug in front of the clothing dresser, and place the final rug under the bed, large enough so that the rug itself is still very visible.  Choose different colors for the rugs, but try to accent the furniture already in the room and stick with colors that complement each rug and the décor in it.

Tie it all together with color

Not enough can be said about choosing the right color for your rugs.  The rug color should not blend in completely with the rest of your décor. It should contain accenting colors of the décor of the rest of your room.  Only accent permanent decorations, as this will keep you from having to purchase new rugs every time you redecorate your room.  If your lamps, furniture, pictures or other large objects contain certain matching hues, incorporate these same hues into your area rug.  By doing this, you will have a rug that matches your room yet subtly highlights the décor of its surroundings.

Play with shapes

3 Ways of Enriching Modern Décor with Custom Area Rugs

There is a common knowledge that area rugs must be square.  While in many circumstances, this will be the best choice, changing the shape will add an entirely different look to the same room.  Symmetry will create a more sophisticated look while abstract is more playful. Experiment with placing round rugs partly under furniture in square rooms, or even half circle rugs in entrance ways rather than covering the full length of a hallway. 

Natural Home Rugs specialize in 100% natural area rugs.  Our rugs can be fully customized for the room you are placing them in.  Many people opt to stay away from fully carpeted rooms due to allergies and other issues.  By using natural area rugs, you can once again use the style of a rug without compromising the health of your family. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and natural fibers to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect rug to enhance the look of your home.

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Labor Day Sale! 20% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping to All Orders!

Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:16:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

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