Seagrass rugs look beautiful in any home. They are both simple and natural, but in addition to that, very elegant and chic. The colors are warm and rich and the rugs are easy to take care of. They do not interfere, or clash, with any other part of your home decorating plan, which are very good reasons to consider seagrass rugs from Natural Home Rugs, for your home.

Warm colors

Seagrass is a natural fiber, made from grasses grown in rice paddies in Asia. The grass is strong from its life in the seawater that floods the rice fields, and it weaves into a beautiful carpet. The colors of the carpet are rich and warm and come to your home just as they are. The rug is impermeable to dye, so is neutrally-colored, but its neutral shades vary from greens to tans. The colors range in greens from olive to sage blended with browns and tans, making each rug unique.


Chic style

The rugs chicness comes from its simple design. Put it under the dining room table, in the living room, or in the hallway and it will look like it was meant to be there. They come in a variety of sizes and are bordered with a strongly accented fabric binding in black or neutral. The patterning in the weave is simply lovely. You can choose a tight weave, a basket weave or a herringbone weave; the patterning is well done and complex and gives the rug a human touch.

Completely natural

Natural feel is the main source of beauty in these rugs and the main reason to own one. Decorating naturally, using materials that come from the earth is becoming more common in decorating and in life. Seagrass is completely eco-friendly and biodegradable. They don’t contain toxins or allergens.

Don’t worry about it.

You may have heard that these rugs are hard to keep clean, or don’t stand up well to furniture moving across it, or that they are uncomfortable on the feet. You may have even heard that they smell a little bit like a haystack on a rainy day, but don’t let any of these things deter you. First of all, they’re easy to clean because dirt doesn’t cling to any of the fibers and vacuums up quite easily. Secondly, they are very durable and don’t damage easily with normal wear and tear. Finally, as to the smell, that is part of the natural appeal of the product, they have an earthy scent - but, don’t worry, like new car smell, it will fade with time. The only legitimate issue you have to aware of is that seagrass rugs are prone to mold and mildew, which means they are not ideal for moist or wet areas of your home.

Where ever you live, whether it be beside the ocean, in the woods or even in the city, these rugs will tie your house to the world around it. Bringing warmth and chic style into your home with seagrass rugs in a variety of styles and sizes is easy because the rug makes it so.

You will find a huge selection of handcrafted seagrass rugs at Natural Home Rugs woven from thick, durable fibers and are low maintenance and easy to clean. Please feel to contact our rug experts if you want seagrass rugs made-to-order in any special shapes and sizes.