When you think of restaurants, you think of food, laughter and more food. Unless you're the owner of the restaurant. Then you probably think about things like bringing in new customers, balancing the books and avoiding those negative Yelp reviews. But as a restauranteur, have you given much thought to the interior design of your eatery? We've all seen the eclectic dining establishments with moose heads on the walls and vintage celebrity photos plastered from booth to booth, but you really don't need anything so flamboyant to make a good impression with customers. In fact, even a simple area rug can go a long way in sprucing up your interior.

Spruce Up Your Restaurant with Cozy Area Rugs

Restaurant Design for the Modern Age

This is the 21st century. No longer are restaurants restricted to booths, tiled floors and jukeboxes (okay, granted, it's not 1955, either). Many of today's trendy metropolitan eating establishments are equipped with love seats, coffee tables, zebra print chairs, modern art displays, fountains, track lighting, and even beanbag chairs. And let's not forget area rugs. The point is that the tide is changing in terms of restaurant décor. In past generations, restaurants were specifically designed to take you away from the home environment and make you feel like you were in a uniquely social setting designed specifically for dining. But today, many of the hottest restaurants strive to create an elegant home environment right within their walls. And the public can't get enough of it.

Why do restaurant area rugs matter? They provide the establishment with a sense of warmth, openness and sophistication. They're especially great for country kitchens, mountain lodge eateries, local diners and trendy cafes, but any restaurant can benefit from a selection of dazzling area rugs. The trick is choosing the right ones.


Finding Your Perfect Rugs

When shopping for restaurant area rugs, there are just a couple of things that you'll want to keep in mind. The first is color. Over the years, restaurants have invested millions of dollars in research to find the best evocative colors to keep customers coming back again and again. As it turns out, reds and blues should be avoided at all costs. The color red is shown to raise heart rate and blood pressure, while blue evokes feelings of thirst but not hunger. Your best colors are neutrals, yellows and greens. 

Spruce Up Your Restaurant with Cozy Area Rugs

Your second consideration is the fiber type. If you have rugs in your restaurant, they're going to see quite a bit of abuse. From spills to ceaseless foot traffic, your rugs will be put to the test. That's why you need to select rugs made from the most durable and stain-resistant natural fibers, such as sisal or seagrass. Natural Home Rugs carries a wide selection of restaurant area rugs that not only look great, but can withstand all that comes their way. Try adding a touch of area rug class to your restaurant, and see how it brightens up your interior. No matter how good your breakfast sausage or filet mignon, you don't want to overlook your aesthetic needs.