Your back hurts, your legs are sore, you feel tired. These are all just some of the symptoms of standing on a hard surface all day. Don't think you need an anti fatigue comfort mat? You may want to think again.

Standing on a hard surface causes stress to your feet, legs, and back. Standing for a little while is OK, but when baking cookies, cleaning your garage, or doing multiple loads of laundry, you may need a little added comfort.

At Natural Home Rugs we offer our customers three distinct varieties of anti fatigue comfort mats. Whether you pick the Mastro, the Lanai or the Fiore that is made with 100% premium quality PVC vinyl surface, you'll be getting a comfort mat that is not only sound absorbent and stain resistant, but easy to maintain (detergent and water), and is so durable so it'll last for years on end.

If you're still not convinced think about this:

- Anti fatigue mats like Natural Home Rugs' comfort mats have been shown to increase productivity. So if you're cleaning out the garage you'll get it done faster.

- Anti fatigue mats also give you more energy. That means you won't be winded after making a five course meal, you will have the energy to walk it off with an evening stroll around the neighborhood instead of crashing on the couch because you're too tired to do anything else.

- And finally, after a few uses you will realize that those aches and pains in your back due to standing on cement, hardwood floors, and tile have subsided. Your feet don't hurt nearly as much and your legs don't ache. 

You have nothing to lose when purchasing an Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats from Natural Home Rugs. With free shipping, and a 30 day return policy, you'll love your new mat, and if not, simply return it.