Rugs are the perfect way to add a finishing touch to a room.  They bring the entire space together with a subtle focal point that completes the entire decorative view. They add a touch of color while still being a very functional accessory.  A rug in any room, instantly changes the entire look and feel.  If you are looking for easy ways to improve any room in your home, the solution may be as simple as looking at your floor accessories.  A floor rug does more than provide a function. It is also an accessory that adds decorative symmetry to a space.  A rug may be all that you need to change a boring room into the showcase of your home.

What are you trying to achieve

There are limitless options and styles of rugs that can be purchased. The easiest way to figure out what works best for you is to figure out what type of look you are after.  For many, a rug is more than just a functional piece, it is used to spruce up, complete or glamorize an otherwise incomplete or boring room.  To add instant glamor, make the rug your focal point. Go bold. Unusual shapes or bold colors will instantly change the entire look and feel of your room.  A round or oblong rug in a square room gives a different look then a rectangular rug in an equally rectangular room.  Bold colors do not necessarily mean bright colors.  If yellows and reds are not going to fit into your decorative design, choose a color that is already in your pallet and accentuate it.  Look for that subtle color in the furniture or permanent accessories and choose a rug in a strong shade of that color.  

Be unique

The material your rug is made out of is as important as the design of the rug itself.  Strongly consider where you are placing the rug to consider the needs of not only the room, but the people that will be using it.  Natural rugs work best to avoid allergens and they also speak volumes about the environment as well as showcasing a truly unique room accessory. Earth friendly rugs designed from Seagrass, Sisal or Jute is something that is not only useful, but it sets you apart from the ordinary.  They are not only a decoration, but they are an accessory and conversation piece that speaks volumes of the importance you place on earth-friendly products.

Natural rugs from Sisal are also stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for areas prone to these damages.  Mountain Grass is excellent for durability in higher traffic areas, it is also a great investment for a long term elegant rug and a conversation piece in a living or entertainment room.  Natural Home Rugs is America’s leading flooring distributors for years, with imported high quality materials and a traditional rug making process. We also provide you with customized rugs that can be literally designed just for you.  Glamorizing a boring room can be this simple, all with a new decorative and functional rug.  It can bring out the best your room has to offer while creating a space that is truly your own.