If you want to know how to add style and warmth with grass rugs, you’ll definitely want to look at two of the most popular styles of grass rugs: mountain grass and seagrass. Not only are they unique, durable, stain resistant and comes with a few other benefits.

The Benefits of Grass Rugs

        • Grass Rugs are Allergen Free: The natural fibers of grass rugs don’t contain any dyes, toxins or chemicals, and because of this there is no chance of an allergic reaction. As well, they retain moisture from the air at high humidity levels and release the water when the humidity levels drop, which stabilizes the air for people with sensitive sinuses.

        • Grass Rug Weaves are Unique: Grass rugs have a variety of weaves and textures so each one is unique. They range from traditional tight-knit weaves to herringbone weaves, and even with a traditional basket weave. You have several options that will complement your décor.

Grass Rugs are Practical

One of the most practical rugs is the grass rug because they are made of strong fibers that are incredibly durable. Inspired by reed mats of hundreds of years ago, they also provide style and warmth to any room.

Colorful Borders

Grass rugs often come with colorful borders to add a bit of pop to their design. They can come with a beige, black or olive-green border to show off the natural Sisal, and the neutral palette ensures it won’t clash with other furnishings in your home.

Resistant to Stains

Grass rugs, particularly sea grass rugs, are resistant to staining. So, spills can be cleaned up easily and won’t destroy the textile itself.

When it comes to decorating you can’t go wrong with a grass rug because they are natural and blend in with any décor. Their warmth and style are unmatched and they don’t distract from the rest of the room. Before you choose a new rug think about where you want to put it, the size you’ll need, what colors you should consider, as well as the traffic volume of the room it will be featured in. If you’re looking for a rug to add warmth and style to your home décor, check out the wide selection we offer at Natural Home Rugs.