Choosing the perfect area rugs can be quarrelsome, and not for the reasons you may think. When it comes to finding your most desirable colors and designs, you don't need much guidance. That stuff is child's play, because you know what you like, and nobody understands your unique style better than you do. The real challenge is selecting the right size for your rugs, because failing to do so can completely derail your home décor efforts. With that in mind, here are some simple but highly useful tips for finding the perfect size.


The Essentials of Rug Sizes

  • For dining rooms, your ideal rug size will be dictated by the size of your dining room table. When pushing your chair back to leave the table, you should still see at least an inch of carpet behind the back of the chair. Use this simple guideline to dictate your measurements when shopping for that gorgeous dining room area rug.
  • For living rooms, your area rugs should sit comfortably beneath any furniture, with additional room to spare on all sides. While it's dangerous to generalize (considering the many, many factors involved), you'll typically be looking at a 7x10 or 8x11 area rug for your living room. But again, this may vary depending on the size of your living room and the focus of your area rug, so consider this a basic, all-purpose guideline.

How to Choose the Perfect-Sized Area Rugs for Your Home

  • For foyers and entryways, you'll typically want to opt for a 5x8 or a 6x9 rug (depending on the amount of space you have available). Of course, no two homes are exactly alike, and your own needs may vary. Take careful measurements, and choose your size accordingly.

How to Choose the Perfect-Sized Area Rugs for Your Home


Still Confused?

Okay, so maybe you're a bit disappointed by the ambiguity of some of these tips, but no two homes are exactly alike, and there are no one-size fits-all solutions. Still, we want to help. If you need custom dimensions, or if you're looking for some helpful advice from professional interior designers, contact Natural Home Rugs today. Describe your needs to us, and we'll gladly provide you with a custom recommendation to suit your needs.


Additional Tips for Area Rug Sizes

 How to Choose the Perfect-Sized Area Rugs for Your Home

If you want to gain a visual perspective on how your area rug should look, use masking tape to create a border around the space you wish to cover. Then take you measurements and shop accordingly. For larger rooms, consider the benefits of using multiple area rugs. By introducing rugs of different sizes, colors and patterns, you can provide large living rooms, dens and even game rooms with a sense of multidimensional distinction and appeal. Most importantly, make sure to choose rugs that suit your style tastes and personality. After all, it's your home, and shouldn't it reflect all of the great things that make you who you are?