When it comes to area rugs, many people are understandably drawn to bold colors and patterns. After all, our eyes naturally gravitate toward brightness, contrast and symmetry. You may even perceive neutral-colored rugs as being boring, at least when compared to the flamboyance of an intricate Persian weave or a bold, black-and-white zebra print. But before you write off neutral area rugs, consider just a few reasons as to why you may want to invest in a few of your very own.

The Benefits of Neutral Area Rugs

Universal Appeal

The great thing about neutral area rugs is that they blend beautifully into any environment. Whether your décor consists of bold color schemes, soft Earth tones or similarly neutral arrangements, your area rugs will fit right in, as though they were custom-made just for the room. Think of them as you would think of your wardrobe. You know those certain go-to colors, that just work with any ensemble? Neutral rugs work much in the same way.

Balance and Uniformity

Neutral colors don't just look beautiful. They provide a sense of unity and balance to the overall décor. In other words, they effortlessly bring the room together. This is especially beneficial if your room incorporates a lot of bold and experimental styles, or if you want to maintain an overall essence that invokes warm feelings without drawing too much attention to itself. If subtlety is the goal, look no further. If you're trying to find the perfect finishing touches for an eclectic or experimental living space, but can't seem to find the right balance, you have your answer right here.

The Benefits of Neutral Area Rugs


If you're looking to achieve a modern look for your décor, neutral is the way to go. Design trends have shifted away from the bold and the ostentatious in recent years, and have begun to gravitate toward the softer and less self-insistent varieties. By decorating with neutral colors, including neutral area rugs, you can quickly and easily (not to mention inexpensively) bring your home into the 21st century. And if you're still staring at pea green couches and gaudy patterned wallpapers, it's definitely time for an upgrade. Like right now.

Timeless Appeal

The Benefits of Neutral Area Rugs

Finally, your neutral area rugs will look just as great in 10 years as they do right now. While some carpeting fads come in and out of style, neutral rugs are simply timeless. Even if our culture ultimately swings back in favor of bolder trends, your neutral rugs will always have a place in your home, whether to offset various other colors or simply blend into the environment. So what are you waiting for? Neutral is the new black, and your home could use a change in scenery. Check out Natural Home Rugs for a variety of neutral rug and other area rug selections at affordable prices.