Throughout the ages, few decorative touches have remained so consistent as area rugs. Housing materials have changed dramatically, architectural styles have undergone myriad cultural shifts, furniture has become infinitely more sleek and sophisticated, but area rugs are still just area rugs. In fact, some of the most popular Persian rugs of today are nearly identical to the types used centuries ago in civilizations long abandoned. As you can imagine, it isn't easy coming up with creative new ideas for rugs, but that doesn't mean you need to stick with the conventional. Here are just a few inventive ideas that you might incorporate into your own décor.

4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas


 Don't Fear the Carpet

Traditional interior design dictates that area rugs should be reserved for hard flooring: wood, laminate, stone. To place an area rug on top of carpeting is sheer blasphemy...or is it? Actually, if executed correctly, area rugs can look absolutely stunning on a carpeted floor. The trick is to place your area rugs over neutral-colored carpets, and to choose complementary colors. With careful attention to detail, your area rugs will appear as though they were made for the carpeted flooring underneath.

 Use Area Rugs as Wall Tapestries

4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas

Believe it or not, area rugs make excellent wall decorations, and they're especially beneficial for the home decorator on a budget. It might sound radical at first, but there are actually myriad benefits to doing this. They create a visual focal point, they absorb sound, they make for excellent conversation pieces, and they provide instant class and individuality to your home décor. Try it, and see how it raises the interior appeal of your home.

 Stop Obsessing Over Symmetry

When it comes to area rugs, it's understandable that we would focus our energies on achieving the perfect positioning. The rug must be meticulously centered beneath the dining room table, evenly distributed between the furniture, or perfectly situated beneath the bed. And while there's definitely something to be said for uniformity (the rug does bring the room together), it's also okay to experiment with off-center arrangements. Try exploring different rug placements, and see how you can create an essence that's new and unique.

 Layer Your Rugs

4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas

Layering is the process of placing one area rug over a slightly larger area rug, giving the appearance of added dimension and contrast. Because who says you need just one area rug? Layering is a great way to modernize your home while still using classic materials. Natural Home Rugs carries a wide selection of stylish area rugs for every occasion, personality, and sensibility. Check out the inventory, and explore new ways to make this age-old decorative touch your very own.