Are you a light sleeper and keep waking up when your roommate comes in late at night? It wouldn't be a problem except you have 8 am classes. Natural Home Rugs has a simple solution that's also quite stylish. Sure you can try a noise machine or sleep with a fan on, but did you know that most natural fiber rugs such as jute and seagrass rugs are sound absorbent? That means you're less likely to hear your roommate tip toping around the room when she's walking on carpet as opposed to hardwood floors. Best of all, with the right carpet, all your other friends will be jealous of your impeccable taste.


Natural Home Rugs would normally recommend you get the rug first before you decorate, decorating a dorm room is a bit different. The room comes furnished with a bed, desk, and bureau and chances are you can't paint your walls. Lucky for you, most natural fiber rugs are neutral in color and therefore the chances of you finding a rug that goes with your room are really good.

Picking a rug such as jute, sisal, or seagrass is probably your best bet as they have many perks. For instance along with being sound absorbent, they are fire-retardant as well. While seagrass rugs add texture to any room while jute rugs are affordable and give off an air of elegance.

Natural fiber rugs are great because of their longevity and easy maintenance. They will easily last four years of college despite, the endless feet that tread on it and the occasional party or two. These rugs tend to be stain resistant, but if you do get a spill on them, they're easy to clean up. If a stain occurs wet a cloth and carefully blot at the stain. Your first instinct may be to rub the stain, but this will cause the stain to set and be difficult to remove. If this doesn't work try using soda water.

So before you ask to change rooms are get into a confrontation with your roommate, try getting a stylish rug that will be the talk of the floor. With so many different rugs to choose from at Natural Home Rugs, you won't have a problem selecting the one that is best for you and your roommate. Now enjoy those peaceful nights!