Natural living – environmental consciousness – these are the focus of many people when they are considering how to decorate their personal space. Accessories are chosen with this in mind. So, how easy it is to keep ones’ values central to one’s decorating or design. How do you decorate in style with custom sisal rugs?

How to Decorate in Style with Custom Sisal Rugs

What is a Sisal Rug?

The first question that comes to mind is what is a sisal rug? We need to understand this before we consider how to decorate in style with custom sisal rugs. A sisal rug is a rug made from the fibers of the sisal plant's long leaves. Sisal fibers taken from a sisal plant, which belongs to the agave family, traditionally grows in Central and South America, and is also cultivated in the southern United States, Africa and parts of Asia. Sisal rugs are among the many traditional products of the sisal plant. Since it is a cactus, it prefers arid desert climates where other kinds of fibrous plants would be scarce. Agave Sisalana has long been farmed for its internal, tensile fibers that people make into rope and twine. The fibrous stalks are cut, dried, and treated to produce a tan-colored length. Weaving these twines into a custom sisal rug has become a common practice.

Benefits of Custom Sisal Rugs

How to Decorate in Style with Custom Sisal Rugs

When learning how to decorate in style with custom sisal rugs, not only is its style, color and design relevant, but so too is the consideration of the benefits of sisal rugs. As noted above, they are made by weaving the sisal fibers to make a strong, durable rug; they also require minimal maintenance. One of the most important aspects of this rug is that it is all-natural – no chemicals or pesticides are used in their production and therefore are safe around pets and children. The rugs are naturally stain resistant and don’t build up static electricity. With respect to design, sisal rugs add a unique, exotic, individual touch to a room’s décor – they come in a variety of weaves, styles and designs so can add flair to any particular style.

Natural Home Rugs

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