Home Décor Essentials: Carpeting and Rugs

Choosing the right carpeting and best rugs for your home is an essential part of any design scheme. Not only do carpeting and area rugs help to bring a room together, but taking care in finding the right rug and carpeting can also serve as a functional and practical focal point of any room while also adding comfort and a sense of coziness. As homeowners continue to strive to find more environmentally-friendly means to help improve their homes, we are seeing a steep rise in the popularity of many natural and sustainable home-improvement products. The sustainability effort also extends to flooring and carpeting options as we see with the increasing incorporation of more environmentally-friendly flooring solutions such as carpets and sisal rugs with borders.

How to Design Joyful Interiors with Sisal Rugs with Custom Borders

The Agave Species and the Sisal Textile

Sisal is a plant product that comes from a specific species of Agave. Agave plants are a very useful variety of succulents that have many species and can be found in Mexico, the Southern United States, the West Indies and even Southern Europe. The incredible versatility of Agaves enables the plants to serve a wide variety of uses; from the basis of tequila liquor, to the fiber used in the production of the textile used in Sisal rugs.

Characteristics of Sisal

The versatility and usability of the Agave plant prove itself, moreover the sisal that comes from it as this cherished plant also boasts incredible durability and resiliency. Sisal can be characterized as being a hardy and resilient fiber that is made from the Agave Sisalana. Originally, Sisal was traditionally recognized as the main material used in many rope and twine products, however, due to the strength and toughness of the material many other uses for the textile exist including in rugs and carpeting. This robustness of sisal is what enables this natural fiber to serve as an excellent flooring material that is able to stand up to the wear and tear demands of household flooring.

Sisal Rugs as an Environmentally Friendly Option

Like bamboo, sisal is a renewable resource that is becoming an increasingly popular eco-friendly textile alternative. The complex root system of the sisal plant helps in reducing soil erosion and serves to absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide over its life-cycle. Moreover, efforts are currently underway to convert the organic by-product of sisal that result from its refinement into biomass energy and biofuel. Unlike many other natural fiber products, sisal’s highly desirable resistance, flexibility, and durability as a textile enable it to act as a comparative substitute for non-renewable sources without substituting quality or robustness. Today sisal is replacing asbestos and even fiberglass as a more environmentally friendly strengthening agent alternative.

Designing Your Own Custom-Made Sisal Rug with Natural Home Rugs

How to Design Joyful Interiors with Sisal Rugs with Custom Borders

At Natural Home Rugs, we provide the highest-quality natural fiber rugs and carpets, including customizable sisal rugs with borders that are stylish and suitable for the high-traffic areas in your home. Our made to order rugs can also be made to fit the unique dimensions of your home or specially made area rugs in a variety of shapes and textures. Help yourself, create your own custom rug and select the carpet style, border width and color, and more with the help of our website’s online custom rug visualizer. At Natural Home Rugs, we hope to help you create the interior of your dreams.