Are you looking for new ways to spruce up your living room? It's good to change your living room every few years. As your taste changes, so should your living room decor. It could be subtle changes like a paint job or drastic changes that will leave you feeling like you're in a whole other room. Either way, changes are good and often times needed. Have you recently bought a rug but it doesn't quite fit in your living room, or maybe you want to rearrange your living room but don't want to get rid of your rug. Natural Home Rugs have put together six gorgeous looks that you can incorporate in your living room.

Gorgeous Living Room

If you want a contemporary feel we suggest using natural fiber rugs. In this picture the natural fiber rug we used was an area rug, or a rug that takes up the entire space of a room. Natural fiber rugs are great for living rooms because they are stain resistant and durable making them fit any high traffic area. In this particular living room, an area rug makes the room cohesive and modern.

Natural fiber rugs, like the rug in this picture are great because they are neutral in color therefore coinciding with any color scheme. At Natural Home Rugs, our natural fiber rugs come with a colored border. With thirteen border colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect border that will match perfectly with your living room.

Sometimes a rug accents a living room, other times it is the main focal point. In this picture, the rug is in the direct center of the living room acting as a focal point. Remember if you are going to use a rug in your living room it's important that you purchase a rug pad. A rug pad will not only protect your hardwood floor, but the rug itself.

This seagrass rug, compliments the living room without stealing the show. Seagrass rugs are known for versatility and durability, which are must have qualifications for any living room rug. Notice how this one has the same feel and color as the two chairs but the texture of the rug sets it apart from other living rooms you may encounter.

What's so great about natural fiber rugs is that they are easy to clean. If you happen to stain your rug, it's important that you act fast. Each type of rug requires different instructions so it's important you read the cleaning directions thoroughly. To maintain your natural fiber rug vacuum it once a month going with and against the grain. Never steam clean or wet-shampoo a natural fiber rug as this can ruin your rug.

Don't see a rug that you particularly like? Natural Home Area can help. We custom make rugs so you can have the rug of yours dreams. At our website you can pick the shape of your rug, the size of your rug, the type of rug, and much more. Please note that all sales on custom rugs are final and cannot be returned. Make sure you're happy with the rug you've designed before purchasing it.

These are just six examples of ways that rugs compliment a living room. In each picture the rug either acted as the main focal point of the room or was an accent rug making certain areas of the room stand out. By adding texture and color, rugs may just be what you are looking for to make a living room feel like home.