You want your kitchen to be a place you can work in, and ultimately feel inspired in. This is why your kitchen décor is crucial! When decorating your kitchen, pay special attention to your kitchen area rugs. Area rugs will give your kitchen character and really set the overall tone for your kitchen. Use a kitchen area rug to tie your space together, and highlight your other kitchen decorations. Another important thing to consider is the potential for a mess in your kitchen – you want your kitchen area rug to be easy to clean! Here are the characteristics you should look for when choosing a kitchen area rug. A rug in your kitchen should be washable. Kids or no kids, there is no doubt there will be a spill in your kitchen at one time or another. The last thing you want is to ruin a beautiful rug with a stain that will never come off. Most kitchen area rugs are actually machine-washable, so be sure to double check that yours is! Remember to never put a kitchen area rug in the dryer – just hang it up. These rugs are fragile, and it would be awful to ruin the look of the rug by putting it through a dryer. The next thing to keep in mind is that you want a rug that will coincide with the theme of your kitchen. A kitchen area rug is a great way to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. For example, if you have a dull –looking kitchen choose an area rug that is more vibrant, or has an intricate pattern. If your kitchen is more western looking, pick a rug that has a pattern that will accentuate this theme. Remember that there are kitchen area rugs that will help to beautifully decorate every kitchen – so really it is just a matter of looking until you find one that will bring out your style! The last aspect to keep in mind is that you want the area rug in your home to be comfortable. It is likely you spend a lot of time standing up in your kitchen – now envision having a nice soft rug to stand on the whole time. Also, a comfortable rug will decrease the chance of a slip and fall accident. Ultimately, you want your kitchen area rug to be machine-washable, enhance the theme and décor of your kitchen, and very comfortable! Keep these three elements in mind when searching for a rug and you will not go wrong.