<![CDATA[]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/ Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:57:40 +0000 Zend_Feed http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[How to Design Sophisticated interiors With Sisal Rugs]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/How-to-Design-Sophisticated-Interiors-With-Sisal-Rugs/ If you are looking to add some class in your home, an area rug might be one way of doing so. At Natural Home Rugs, we are one of America’s leading natural flooring distributors, and we import only natural materials for our top-quality rugs.  We have a vast selection of both traditional and unique colors, designs, and styles. We use traditional rug-making methods that produce sophisticated and high-quality products for our customers. One way you can bring this into your home is by using sisal rugs. We are your source for custom sisal rugs, and our products will give your interior a certain level of sophistication. It will add to your décor, as well as enhance your flooring and wall colors.

How to Design Sophisticated interiors With Sisal Rugs

Practical and Stylish

If you have wood flooring in your home, a circular sisal rug under a dining room table will keep your floors intact, and protects it from stains.  These rugs also complement fully carpeted rooms. In addition, our natural sisal rugs are handcrafted by our artisan rug makers, and have a surged cotton border with a non-slip latex backing. It is made from some of the finest materials and it is Earth-friendly. It will add a warm and inviting feeling to any home, and give any room a stylish and contemporary look.

Back to nature

Sisal is a fiber that is derived from cactus-like plants in China, Brazil and Africa. We use only premium sisal, which is known to prevent dust and static.  These fibers can be combined with wool fibers to make a beautiful sisal wool rug. This a great natural option which will create rugs that resist stains, is non-flammable, and that are suitable for high traffic areas in your home. If you have toddlers or pets in your home; having spills or accidents are inevitable. Therefore, these rugs can help you prepare for these situations.

How to Design Sophisticated interiors With Sisal Rugs

Moreover, these types of rugs are environmentally-friendly, and are available in stylish weaves and color choices. Our custom sisal rugs are made with only the purest, high-quality sisal and are available at everyday low prices.

Sisal rugs are a practical and affordable flooring choice not only for homes, but for offices as well.  We offer fine textures and colors that will give your home or office some class. Our custom-border sisal rugs augment the color of your room, and will make your flooring stand out. Furthermore, our pre-made borderless or self-edge finished sisal rugs will give your room a heightened level of simplicity and elegance.


If you decide to move or upgrade, sisal rugs are easy to move and easy to change if you are wanting to coordinate with a new room.  These area rugs are an efficient way to dress up areas in any large room. If you decide on two sisal rugs, you can choose different styles which will create one room into two different seating areas.

If you are looking for rugs that do not have any synthetic materials, then sisal natural home rugs may be the right fit for your home. Visit our website (http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/) today in order to choose the color and size you like in order to add class to your home. 

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<![CDATA[How to Design Joyful Interiors with Sisal Rugs with Custom Borders]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/How-to-Design-Joyful-Interiors-with-Sisal-Rugs-with-Custom-Borders/ Home Décor Essentials: Carpeting and Rugs

Choosing the right carpeting and best rugs for your home is an essential part of any design scheme. Not only do carpeting and area rugs help to bring a room together, but taking care in finding the right rug and carpeting can also serve as a functional and practical focal point of any room while also adding comfort and a sense of coziness. As homeowners continue to strive to find more environmentally-friendly means to help improve their homes, we are seeing a steep rise in the popularity of many natural and sustainable home-improvement products. The sustainability effort also extends to flooring and carpeting options as we see with the increasing incorporation of more environmentally-friendly flooring solutions such as carpets and sisal rugs with borders.

How to Design Joyful Interiors with Sisal Rugs with Custom Borders

The Agave Species and the Sisal Textile

Sisal is a plant product that comes from a specific species of Agave. Agave plants are a very useful variety of succulents that have many species and can be found in Mexico, the Southern United States, the West Indies and even Southern Europe. The incredible versatility of Agaves enables the plants to serve a wide variety of uses; from the basis of tequila liquor, to the fiber used in the production of the textile used in Sisal rugs.

Characteristics of Sisal

The versatility and usability of the Agave plant prove itself, moreover the sisal that comes from it as this cherished plant also boasts incredible durability and resiliency. Sisal can be characterized as being a hardy and resilient fiber that is made from the Agave Sisalana. Originally, Sisal was traditionally recognized as the main material used in many rope and twine products, however, due to the strength and toughness of the material many other uses for the textile exist including in rugs and carpeting. This robustness of sisal is what enables this natural fiber to serve as an excellent flooring material that is able to stand up to the wear and tear demands of household flooring.

Sisal Rugs as an Environmentally Friendly Option

Like bamboo, sisal is a renewable resource that is becoming an increasingly popular eco-friendly textile alternative. The complex root system of the sisal plant helps in reducing soil erosion and serves to absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide over its life-cycle. Moreover, efforts are currently underway to convert the organic by-product of sisal that result from its refinement into biomass energy and biofuel. Unlike many other natural fiber products, sisal’s highly desirable resistance, flexibility, and durability as a textile enable it to act as a comparative substitute for non-renewable sources without substituting quality or robustness. Today sisal is replacing asbestos and even fiberglass as a more environmentally friendly strengthening agent alternative.

Designing Your Own Custom-Made Sisal Rug with Natural Home Rugs

How to Design Joyful Interiors with Sisal Rugs with Custom Borders

At Natural Home Rugs, we provide the highest-quality natural fiber rugs and carpets, including customizable sisal rugs with borders that are stylish and suitable for the high-traffic areas in your home. Our made to order rugs can also be made to fit the unique dimensions of your home or specially made area rugs in a variety of shapes and textures. Help yourself, create your own custom rug and select the carpet style, border width and color, and more with the help of our website’s online custom rug visualizer. At Natural Home Rugs, we hope to help you create the interior of your dreams.

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<![CDATA[How to Decorate in Style with Custom Sisal Rugs]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/How-to-Decorate-in-Style-with-Custom-Sisal-Rugs/ Natural living – environmental consciousness – these are the focus of many people when they are considering how to decorate their personal space. Accessories are chosen with this in mind. So, how easy it is to keep ones’ values central to one’s decorating or design. How do you decorate in style with custom sisal rugs?

How to Decorate in Style with Custom Sisal Rugs

What is a Sisal Rug?

The first question that comes to mind is what is a sisal rug? We need to understand this before we consider how to decorate in style with custom sisal rugs. A sisal rug is a rug made from the fibers of the sisal plant's long leaves. Sisal fibers taken from a sisal plant, which belongs to the agave family, traditionally grows in Central and South America, and is also cultivated in the southern United States, Africa and parts of Asia. Sisal rugs are among the many traditional products of the sisal plant. Since it is a cactus, it prefers arid desert climates where other kinds of fibrous plants would be scarce. Agave Sisalana has long been farmed for its internal, tensile fibers that people make into rope and twine. The fibrous stalks are cut, dried, and treated to produce a tan-colored length. Weaving these twines into a custom sisal rug has become a common practice.

Benefits of Custom Sisal Rugs

How to Decorate in Style with Custom Sisal Rugs

When learning how to decorate in style with custom sisal rugs, not only is its style, color and design relevant, but so too is the consideration of the benefits of sisal rugs. As noted above, they are made by weaving the sisal fibers to make a strong, durable rug; they also require minimal maintenance. One of the most important aspects of this rug is that it is all-natural – no chemicals or pesticides are used in their production and therefore are safe around pets and children. The rugs are naturally stain resistant and don’t build up static electricity. With respect to design, sisal rugs add a unique, exotic, individual touch to a room’s décor – they come in a variety of weaves, styles and designs so can add flair to any particular style.

Natural Home Rugs

Natural Home Rugs, one of America's leading natural flooring distributors, directly import all natural materials for our high-quality rugs. We offer an extensive selection of both traditional and unique colors, designs, and styles. The manufacturing processes used at Natural Home Rugs stem from ancient rug-making traditions that have produced elegant, durable products for many generations. We believe in providing quality products in a timely manner. Natural Home Rugs have a reputation for building quality products with impeccable service. Our customers know they can rely on us to help them buy the best products in an easy, efficient manner. We try to make purchasing the perfect rug a personal experience and treat each customer uniquely.

To seek our advice or begin learning how to decorate in style with custom sisal rugs, contact us on our toll free number at 1-(800) 601-6062; international phone at 1-(323) 582-4999 or e-mail info@naturalhomerugs.com

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<![CDATA[Area Rugs – How Big is Too Big? ]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/Area-Rugs-How-Big-is-Too-Big/ Shopping for area rugs can be a daunting enterprise. It's not about the colors, the patterns, or the materials. These decisions are easy, because you know what appeals to you visually. The real challenge is choosing the ideal size. You explore various dimensions and weigh your options, but even if you take careful measurements, the mystery remains. After all, it's not as simple as finding a rug to fit the room. There are important aesthetic considerations, like how much space to leave for borders. If you're grappling with the complexities of rug size, consider some general guidelines.

Let Your Dining Room Table Be Your Guide

One of our most frequently asked questions pertains to the issue of dining room area rugs. Obviously it's not enough to just measure your dining room table and choose a corresponding rug size. You need room for the chairs as well, and those chairs need room to back up. Here are some general rules of thumb: six chairs will need 8x10; eight chairs will need 9x12; and ten chairs will need 10x14. Of course, these figures may vary according to the size and dimensions of your table.

Area Rugs – How Big is Too Big?


Measure According to Your Furniture Arrangement

For living rooms, consider the amount of space taken up by your furniture. For instance, you might measure the rectangular dimensions between your sofa, entertainment center, love seat and chairs – assuming that they're situated in a reasonably rectangular formation. Once you have your measurements, shave a couple of inches off of each side and let that dictate your rug size. By choosing a rug that's slightly smaller than the furniture space, you can effectively create a central focal point, while leaving only the front legs of each piece of furniture on the rug.

Never Cover the Entire Floor

Area Rugs – How Big is Too Big?

The biggest area rug “don't” is to take a wall-to-wall measurement and choose an area rug that fills the entire space. Not only does this look ridiculous, but the whole purpose of the area rug is to create contrast and allow for visual focal points. The last thing you want is an overbearing area rug that covers the entire floor. Always leave a border at the very least.

Natural Home Rugs Can Help

If you're still struggling to determine the ideal size for a new area rug, take a photograph of the room and send it to us. At Natural Home Rugs, we specialize in customization, and we'll be happy to lend our expertise and advise you on how you can bring out the best. We'll even design a custom rug to meet your needs. Email us today, or give us a call at 1-800-601-6062.

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<![CDATA[Layering Area Rugs Over Carpet]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/Layering-area-rugs-over-carpet/ Area rugs can add a touch of refinement to just about any home, but when it comes to placing these decorative touches on top of wall-to-wall carpeting, there is quite a bit of debate and controversy. Some people argue that area rugs should be reserved for hard surfaces like wood floors, while others contend that area rugs can flourish in any room. So who is right? Is carpet-on-carpet a disastrous design idea, or just another eclectic touch?

Layering Area Rugs Over Carpet

Find Your Style

Understandably, if you lay your favorite area rug in a room with wall-to-wall carpeting, some people might assume that you're trying to hide something underneath, perhaps a stain that just won't go away. To the solid floor purist, carpet-on-carpet is nothing more than a redundancy and an eyesore. Granted, if you place area rugs in a carpeted room, not everyone is going to like it. However, if you go about it in the right away, you can still make a reasonable impression with even the most hard-nosed interior design enthusiast. It's all a matter of color, style and placement.

For starters, you want to give careful thought to the contrast between your area rug and the flooring beneath. If your primary carpet is a solid color, consider going with a patterned area rug. This will create a pleasing contrast and allow your area rug to serve as a visual focal point, rather than just a rug tossed on top of a rug. Location matters as well. Center your area rug around furniture to create harmony and uniformity.

Layering Area Rugs Over Carpet

You'll also need to consider your texture. There are a number of great natural rug fibers that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing: sisal, wool, jute, seagrass. These are just a few worthwhile options to consider. But whatever texture you choose, be sure to go with a thinly cut rug. You don't want to cover your base carpet with a thick, overpowering area rug that draws too much attention to itself. Your area rugs should blend seamlessly into the existing floor.

Finally, consider your own design preferences. People are forever debating tastes and styles, but in your home, you have the privilege of realizing your own decorative dreams. So forget about the naysayers, and organize your rooms in ways that are pleasing to you. Your décor should reflect your personality, so experiment with different area rugs over different surfaces, and find the arrangements that speak to you.  

Update Your Home

If you need some beautiful rug ideas to get you started, check out the inexpensive area rugs at Natual Home Rugs. Not only are they affordable, but they look great, and they're all made from natural, eco-friendly fibers. Wherever you shop, remember that style is all about communicating without words. So find your style today, and communicate it to the world.

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<![CDATA[How to Decorate Around Your Area Rugs ]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/How-to-Decorate-Around-Your-Area-Rugs/ Let's turn conventional wisdom on its head for a moment. You don't have to purchase area rugs to suit your interior design. Instead, you can fashion your interior design around your area rugs. Sound crazy? Well, think about it for a second. Area rugs provide a centralized focal point for any given room, and they're far more integral to the overall essence of the room than we give them credit for. So rather than treating them as afterthoughts, let's consider ways in which we might utilize them to their full potential. 

Decorate Around Your Area Rug

A Splash of Paint

Let's start with your walls. I mean, chances are your walls could use a good coat of paint right about now anyway. So how might you be able to decorate your walls in such a way that complements your rugs? Start by observing the color or your rug. If you have a neutral color, you might choose a paint color that closely—but not exactly—matches the color of your rug. The key is to create uniformity while still allowing for a touch of contrast. If you have a bold, dark colored rug, look for the most neutral color available. For instance, a dark red Persian rug may have strands of chestnut or vanilla separating the various patterns.&nbsp

Balance and Harmony

Situate your furniture around the rug. This is the easy part, and it costs nothing. Nevertheless, it's critically important. I mean, your area rug serves a purpose. It's not meant to sit haphazardly in a corner somewhere. In a dining room, it should be centered beneath the main table. In a living room, you might surround it with sofas, love seats and perhaps an entertainment center, with a coffee table right in the middle of all the action. Consider how your area rug will bring the room together.

With that said, don't obsess over symmetry. Yes, your area rugs serve a purpose, but that doesn't mean that everything must be perfectly uniform. For instance, if you have two couches surrounding your area rug, you might situate one with all four legs on the rug, and the other with only two legs on the rug. These subtle touches can go a long way in enhancing the overall appeal of the room. Experiment with different arrangements.

One is Never Enough

Use multiple rugs to separate large rooms. With a variety of area rugs at your disposal, you can really take your interior design to the next level. Just make sure to vary your sizes, because identically sized rugs can actually have the opposite effect, creating an overly simplistic and visually unappealing vibe. Again, you'll want to experiment with different placements to achieve just the right look for your home. Don't be afraid to get creative. If you need ideas for rugs, Natual Home Rugs carries a wide selection of jute, sisal, seagrass and even bamboo area rugs. Check out the selection.

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<![CDATA[How to Modernize Your Living Space with Sisal Rugs | Natural Home Rugs]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/How-to-Modernize-Your-Living-Space-with-Sisal-Rugs/ How to Modernize Your Living Space with Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs have been around since the 1960s, but no carpet is better poised to turn your dull living space into a modern spectacle of interior design. It's simple and yet complex, extremely uniform but highly customizable, understated and yet capable of bringing an entire room together in ways you have never imagined. If you haven't given any thought to the wonders of sisal rugs, consider how they can add a vibrant touch of class to any home.

The Key Benefits of Sisal Area Rugs  

  • - Sisal rugs are completely natural, with fibers derived from a specialized form of agave. If you're looking for a chemical-free, eco-friendly alternative to your typical area rug, sisal is the way to go. When shopping, just make sure to buy from a reputable dealer who specializes in natural, sustainable carpeting. Even sisal can be deemed environmentally disastrous if woven through an irresponsible manufacturing process.
  • - Sisal is just about the most attractive carpeting you will find. The fibers are delicately woven together for an overall presentation that is uniform, symmetrical and almost hypnotic. But not all sisal rugs are created equal. Depending on your personal style, you can opt for a variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. 
  • - Due to the extremely dense weaving, these rugs are also extremely durable, easily capable of withstanding day-to-day foot traffic and abuse for years on end.

How to Modernize Your Living Space with Sisal Rugs

 Modernizing Your Home with Sisal Rugs

If your interior is starting to look a little outdated or just bland, you can easily spruce up the area with a sisal makeover. The first step is the most important: start shopping!

Simply by bringing sisal area rugs into your home, you're already donning your floors with a valuable touch of modern sophistication, because you're introducing a style that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but also pleasing to the environment. And while the green movement is certainly trendy at the moment, we hope that this is one trend that will never, ever go out of style, but will only continue to catch on like wildfire. Here are some other simple tips for modernizing your home with sisal: 

  • - Opt for bright colors like beige and ivory. Colors like these are warm, inviting, and even mood altering. There is one exception to this rule: If you have pets who shed, you may want to consider slightly darker colors, in order to more effectively mask the stray hairs that accumulate.
  • - Purchase a rug that's large enough to cover all of the furniture, without covering the entire floor. The flooring underneath should still be visible, at least along the perimeter of a small room.
  • Got a larger room? Use multiple area rugs of varying styles and colors to distinguish different sections of the room.
  • - Think complementary colors. Your sisal rug doesn't need to match the colors of your walls and décor, but it does need to blend nicely with those colors. So when comparing your options, always keeps the big picture in mind.

So if you're ready for a simple but profound homemaker, check out the infinite possibilities of sisal. This is one style that you'll be proud to call your own! 

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<![CDATA[How to Decorate a Modern Living Room]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/How-to-Decorate-a-Modern-Living-Room/ Home décor has many facets, but it all comes together in the living room. This is where you greet and entertain guests, and for many, it provides the first impression of a home. As a result, you want to ensure that your living room reflects the best of your interior design prowess. We have good news for you. Even if you don't consider yourself to be the most design-oriented, you can create an awesome living room with just a few simple tips and considerations. Here are our top recommendations.

Consider the Visual Focal Points

When it comes to any décor project, you want to keep the essentials at the top of your list. You're going to need—at the very least—a stylish sofa, a coffee table, and a bit of artwork to adorn your walls. These touches alone will go a long way in bringing the room together. When it comes to modern sofas, solid colors are best. Avoid bold patterns unless you're absolutely certain of what you're doing.

 How to Decorate a Modern Living Room

Color Your Walls with Caution

Wallpaper is so yesterday, but there's still a place for it as long as you don't make it a visual eyesore. If you just can't bear to paint those barren walls, choose wallpaper wisely. Vertical stripes and flowery arrangements were once all the rage, but this isn't 1977, and so we're going to apply the same rule that we applied to your sofa. Stick with solid colors for best results, or add a bit of personality with subtle textures and gradients. The key is to create the right atmosphere without drawing too much attention to the walls. Remember, less is more.

Add Plenty of Personal Touches

How to Decorate a Modern Living Room

Flowers, potted plants, candles, decorative clocks...these are just some of the items that you can use to add a touch of personality to your living room. Choose wisely, and let your accessories serve as a reflection of both your personality and the mood you're trying to create. If you're wild about the sea, you might want to adorn your living room with a ship in a bottle. If you're addicted to citrus fragrances, purchase some fine scented candles. This is where you can really get creative.

Don't Forget the Area Rugs

We probably should have included this in tip #1 (the visual focal points), but it deserves a section of its very own. Area rugs not only look great, but they really do bring the room together, and it's so critically important to choose the right area rugs when decorating a living room. Neutral colors are also a safe bet, perhaps adorned with subtle floral patterns, but there's something to be said for the traditional Persian and Asian varieties as well. Check out the selection at NaturalHomeRugs.com, and see just how affordable beautiful area rugs can be.

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<![CDATA[Tips for Chunky Textured Rugs]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/Tips-for-Chunky-Textured-Rugs/ If you check Etsy regularly, chances are that you already know that chunky and rich textured rugs are popular these days. These unique and perfectly crafted rugs are made with a variety of textures inspired by chunky knits and other techniques such as needlepoint and hooking. If you are planning to buy one of these nubby knits, lush shags or natural fiber rugs, here are a few things that you must consider.

Tips for Chunky Textured Rugs Tips for Chunky Textured Rugs

Match the Rug with the Settings

Even though a richly textured rug will add depth to almost any space, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. For example, if you have a sleek and monochromatic setting, the best rug to opt for would be a handmade, braided or woven rug that can add an unexpected tactile element to the entire room. On the other hand, if the room is colorful or boldly patterned, you may want to consider a neutral colored shag rug with a subtle texture that gives the entire room a soft and grounded effect.

Use Chunky Rugs for Low Traffic Areas

Because a lot of vacuuming can pull the fibers out of your shag rugs, it would be best to use them in low traffic areas in your house. For instance, if you only enter your room for the night only and don’t expect a lot of people to go in, you can enhance it with a chunky textured rug.

Tips for Chunky Textured Rugs Tips for Chunky Textured Rugs

Be Gentle While Cleaning

While vacuuming or cleaning the rug, be very gentle. Also, don’t attempt to rub or scratch your rug or else the sensitive loops and fibers may come apart. That aside, if you ever need to spot clean natural fiber rugs made of sea grass, sisal or jute, remember designer and HGTV host Vern Yip’s advice: "Blot, don't rub, to avoid fraying."

Think About Your Pets

One of the most important things that you need to remember is to stay away from looped or needlepoint rugs if you have pets such as cats or dogs in your house. Your pets will love digging their claws into the loops, which will rip your new carpet in no time. So instead of regretting why you ever bough such a rug, think about your pets and choose an option that is best for you and them.

Getting these chunky textured rugs will surely make any room come alive. Yet to ensure that these rugs last and look good in any room at your home, follow the tips mentioned here.

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<![CDATA[4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas]]> http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/blog/4-Unconventional-but-Stylish-Area-Rug-Ideas/ Throughout the ages, few decorative touches have remained so consistent as area rugs. Housing materials have changed dramatically, architectural styles have undergone myriad cultural shifts, furniture has become infinitely more sleek and sophisticated, but area rugs are still just area rugs. In fact, some of the most popular Persian rugs of today are nearly identical to the types used centuries ago in civilizations long abandoned. As you can imagine, it isn't easy coming up with creative new ideas for rugs, but that doesn't mean you need to stick with the conventional. Here are just a few inventive ideas that you might incorporate into your own décor.

4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas


 Don't Fear the Carpet

Traditional interior design dictates that area rugs should be reserved for hard flooring: wood, laminate, stone. To place an area rug on top of carpeting is sheer blasphemy...or is it? Actually, if executed correctly, area rugs can look absolutely stunning on a carpeted floor. The trick is to place your area rugs over neutral-colored carpets, and to choose complementary colors. With careful attention to detail, your area rugs will appear as though they were made for the carpeted flooring underneath.

 Use Area Rugs as Wall Tapestries

4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas

Believe it or not, area rugs make excellent wall decorations, and they're especially beneficial for the home decorator on a budget. It might sound radical at first, but there are actually myriad benefits to doing this. They create a visual focal point, they absorb sound, they make for excellent conversation pieces, and they provide instant class and individuality to your home décor. Try it, and see how it raises the interior appeal of your home.

 Stop Obsessing Over Symmetry

When it comes to area rugs, it's understandable that we would focus our energies on achieving the perfect positioning. The rug must be meticulously centered beneath the dining room table, evenly distributed between the furniture, or perfectly situated beneath the bed. And while there's definitely something to be said for uniformity (the rug does bring the room together), it's also okay to experiment with off-center arrangements. Try exploring different rug placements, and see how you can create an essence that's new and unique.

 Layer Your Rugs

4 Unconventional but Stylish Area Rug Ideas

Layering is the process of placing one area rug over a slightly larger area rug, giving the appearance of added dimension and contrast. Because who says you need just one area rug? Layering is a great way to modernize your home while still using classic materials. Natural Home Rugs carries a wide selection of stylish area rugs for every occasion, personality, and sensibility. Check out the inventory, and explore new ways to make this age-old decorative touch your very own.

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