Do you have a room that needs to be spruced up? A contemporary area rug will do just the trick! A new area rug is a simple and easy way to liven up a living space. Contemporary area rugs are typically composed of vibrant colors and bold patterns! Here are a few things to consider when you are picking out a contemporary area rug: The size of the room and what the room is used for are two very important elements to think about when adding a contemporary area rug to your home. For example, if the room you are decorating is small, do not choose a contemporary area rug with large patterns. This may actually make the room seem smaller! If you have a darker living room, pick a brighter contemporary rug to warm up the living space. If you are hoping your new area rug will really pull the room together and create a finished look, consider a contemporary rug with a border pattern. Contemporary area rugs are very common in children’s rooms. As mentioned above, contemporary area rugs tend to be bright or pastel colored. These warmer colors can really make a children’s room feel welcoming. You can even choose a rug that is made from polypropylene – it is one of the easiest materials to clean! Contemporary rugs can benefit any part of your home whether that be a kitchen, patio, or bedroom. Whatever style or pattern you choose, your contemporary area rug will definitely enhance your home!