Want to make a change and become more environmentally friendly? A great place to start is in your very own home. Accessorizing with an eco-friendly rug is a wonderful way to help the environment. Here are a few benefits and tips to consider when choosing an eco-friendly rug. Eco-friendly rugs are usually composed of natural fibers and other materials that are not harmful to the environment. These fibers are extremely durable, guaranteeing your new eco-friendly accessory will last! Bamboo is a very popular plant fiber that is often used to make eco-friendly rugs. Bamboo rugs can add texture and style to your living space. Bamboo is taken from the bamboo plant and then altered into yarn. This makes them a very popular eco-friendly choice! In addition to plant fibers, environmentally friendly rugs can also be made with animal fibers. Wool is an animal fiber that is often used to make eco-friendly rugs. Wool rugs are super soft and extremely durable as well! Not to mention, wool is very easy to clean, which is always a bonus when it comes to selecting a rug. Environmentally rugs are made with materials that are completely natural. Typically, environmentally friendly rugs can be found featured in online retail stores. These rugs are available in all types of unique designs, as well as solid colors. There are so many style options and benefits to accessorizing with an eco-friendly rug! Be sure to consider all of your eco-friendly options when accessorizing your home.