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Custom Rugs

Custom Rugs

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Sometimes you just need something a little different than the standard rug. That’s why Natural Home Rugs offers custom rug designs, made-to-order to your specifications.

For odd-shaped rooms and office space, Natural Home Rugs can provide custom-size area rugs. Some examples of custom size area rugs we’ve made for our customers include:

  • Round rugs

  • Octagonal rugs

  • Semi-circle rugs

  • Hexagon rugs

  • Oval rugs

  • Hallway runner rugs

  • And more …

Natural Home Rugs can help you find just the right size and shape custom rug that you are looking for in the materials you want. Custom rugs can be chosen from nearly all of our rug materials including: sisal rugs, seagrass rugs, wool rugs and wool-sisal blend rugs.

Our custom ordering process on Natural Home Rugs’ website makes it simple and easy for you to build the custom rug of your dreams. First, pick the shape of rug you are looking for. Is it a round rug to go under a dining room table? A semicircle custom rug for the front door? Once you’ve chosen the shape of your custom rug, you can choose from more than 35 different weave options under the following categories: mountain grass, seagrass, sisal and wool weave. Once you’ve chosen your weave, you will then pick from an assortment of 14 different cotton-twill border colors for your custom rug. Next, it’s as simple as choosing the type of corners and stitching you’d like for your custom rug. Type in the desired length and width of your new custom rug and your order is complete!

If at any time you have questions about ordering a custom rug, you can contact our Customer Service Department for help. Natural Home Rugs offers free shipping on custom rug order of $50 and more.

Our custom area rugs are made from the same premium quality and natural fibers as our pre-made rugs. We just offer our custom rugs in more shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for a small accent rug for the bathroom, or an oversized custom rug for a rec room. We encourage you to use your imagination and come up with the best materials and shapes you can think of. And next time you are entertaining, you can tell people that you were the one who designed the beautiful custom area rug that they are standing on.

So what are you waiting for? Start now by filling out all of the details of your custom rug order on the checkout page. And don’t forget to include your shipping information. Custom area rug orders need to be made separately from standard orders.

Custom area rugs can are shipped within 5 to 7 business days. Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges available on custom rug orders.