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New Arrivals

We're always adding premium quality products to our growing selection of area rugs. All these products are made of quality natural materials and imported exclusively for Whether you are looking for jute rugs, sisal rugs, shag rugs, stair treads or contemporary area rugs, you will get a quality product that will last a lifetime.

The natural materials used to create our products are specifically selected for their beauty, durability and versatility. This means that our area rugs are ideal additions to any home d├ęcor. In addition, our products are Earth Friendly, letting you enjoy a greener home or office.

Here are the latest styles of jute rugs, sisal rugs, shag rugs, stair treads and other contemporary area rugs making their Natural Home Rugs debut.
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  • Chelsea Wool Sisal Rug Brentwood Jute Rug Quick Look

    Brentwood Jute Rug

    $99.00 - $329.00
    SALE: $59.00 - $199.00
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  • Chelsea Wool Sisal Rug Camilla Shag Rug

    Camilla Shag Rug

    Price: $135.00 - $639.00
  • Chelsea Wool Sisal Rug Jewel Jute Rug Quick Look

    Jewel Jute Rug

    Price: $95.00 - $425.00

    (Pre-Order - 5' x 8', 6' x 9', 8' x 10' and 9' x 12' Will Arrive Last Week of July)

  • Chelsea Wool Sisal Rug Jumeirah Morrocan Shag Rug

    Jumeirah Moroccan Shag Rug

    $299.00 - $669.00
    SALE: $239.00 - $535.00
    Free Shipping
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12 Item(s)