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Because seagrass is a fiber grown in water, it is not only strong, but resistant to most spills and stains. Sea grass fibers aren’t dyed, which means that sea grass area rugs are used in their natural form. So there are no toxins or chemicals added to the fibers that can result in allergies once placed in the home.


Natural Home Rugs’ seagrass rugs come in a variety of natural shades. Neutral greens are especially popular, ranging from olive green to lighter shades of sage. Often, browns and beiges combine to create truly unique natural blends of color.


Sea grass is grown in Asian countries, typically among rice in rice fields. It’s fast-growing properties and it’s ease of harvest make it one of the most sustainable flooring options out there. And, it’s rich history, having been inspired from centuries-old reed mats, adds an eclectic look to any home.


Drawing out the beauty of a natural grass rug are the fine textures and colors that make your handmade seagrass rug truly-one-of-a-kind. Textures come in a variety of weaves, from the original, tight-knit weave, to a basket wave, to a herringbone weave. No matter which style you choose, the design is sure to complement your home décor.


Adding a bit of “pop” to the seagrass rug is a colorful border. Natural Home Rugs’ seagrass rug borders range from black, to dark beige and even olive green, so they match any home color-scheme. Your seagrass area rug won’t clash or conflict with other furnishings in a room. And you can count on your seagrass rug becoming a wonderful addition and a pleasing room accent.


When you first unroll your seagrass rug you’ll notice a grassy, hay-like scent. In time the aroma will go away but the natural coloring and beauty are yours to enjoy for many years to come.


Along with the striking characteristics of your new seagrass rug, it also has a number of practical benefits. Seagrass carpets and rugs are stain-resistant. Water and drink spills on a seagrass rug can be easily wiped up. And, you can even use your vacuum cleaner over seagrass. In addition, seagrass is a tough fiber that is long-wearing, so you can keep place your seagrass rug in any high traffic areas or rooms or your home. Choosing a seagrass rug 9 x 12 size is the perfect idea if you have a large living space to cover, like a family room.


Due to the smooth finish of seagrass rugs, we don’t recommend them for stairways. Also, since like many natural fibers they can be susceptible to mold and mildew, it is best that your seagrass rug not be used in moist or highly humid conditions.


The fine nuances of texture and color make each seagrass area rug a one of a kind addition for your home or office. Order your new seagrass rug from Natural Home Rugs today.