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Once you’ve done the hard part and chosen from Natural Home Rugs’ huge selection of high quality rugs, it’s time to concentrate on the details. One of those details includes buying a rug pad to go underneath your rug.


While it might seem like an item that you can do without, that is hardly the case. Not that you’ve invested in a beautiful, well-made rug, you want it to last for a long, long time. Buying a rug pad is a crucial step in extending the life of your new area rug. Among their many beneficial qualities, rug pads allow air circulation so bacteria build-up is prevented. Have a rug pad under your area rug means odors; mold and mildew won’t set in.


Including a rug pad under your new area rug will also make it look better. Rug pads enhance the look of your area rug by preventing grout lines from showing through or ruining the uniformity of your rug. And, perhaps the best part of the rug pad is, it makes it easy to vacuum your area rug and maintain its gorgeous clean lines.


Rug pads for hardwood floors are especially important because it adds an extra layer of cushioning to your rug. Won’t it be nice when you step onto your new area rug and your feet sink into the luxurious softness of your new area rug and rug pad? Natural Home Rugs’ Premium Lock rug pads are 2-3 times heavier than most, providing you with a non-slip rug pad that really holds its own.


Buying a non slip rug pad is also essential to promote safety in the home. If you have little ones, or let’s be honest, older ones in the home, slips and falls can be an issue. A rug pads anchors and hold rugs safely in place. Our non-slip rug pads ensure that family members are safe and won’t slip and risk falls.


Natural Home Rugs’ rug pads come in virtually every size of rug we sell, so it’s easy to find and buy the size that’s right for you. With sizes as small as 2x3, up to 9 x12, our rug pads have you covered. If you are buying a custom area rug of a different size or shape, it’s easy to add a rug pad. Rug pads can be cut down to any size with a pair of ordinary household scissors.


Don’t let your beautiful area rugs slip away because you don’t have a non-slip rug pad. Lock your investment in place by buying today.