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Wool is highly durable and has the uncanny ability to go back to its natural state after being walked on frequently. Because of this, wool area rugs can still look great after years of use, making a wonderful investment for your home. Wool rugs do especially well in high traffic areas of your home like hallways and stairs. Wool is also highly insulated, which can be useful if you want to cut down on noise. Wool area rugs are frequently used in places with high noise levels like offices.


Natural Home Rugs’ offers a wide variety of wool rugs known for their softness and durability, including: wool sisal rugs, New Zealand wool rugs and customer border wool rugs.


Wool Sisal Rugs

Combine the enduring qualities of pure wool with the rugged durability of sisal fiber and you have one of the most environmentally-friendly, affordable products for your home. Sisal wool handcrafted rugs are made from some of the purest blends of European wools and high quality sisal. Our wool sisal rugs not only feel soft on bare feet, they are durable and long-lasting. Our wool sisal rugs include a non-slip latex backing and a cotton-twill border.


New Zealand Wool Rugs

New Zealand is known for producing some of the best wool in the world. Our 100 percent wool area rugs have been made from some of the highest quality New Zealand wools. We have wool rugs on sale every day at Natural Home Rugs.


Custom Wool Rugs

No matter what kind of wool rug you are looking for, Natural Home Rugs is able to help you get the perfect size or shape. Adding a custom wool rug to your home has never been easier with Natural Home Rugs’ experience and selection. Natural Home Rugs can provide you with a custom look that's truly uniquely yours. Order your new pre-made wool sisal rugs, your New Zealand wool or shag wool rugs or design your own custom border wool rugs from Natural Home Rugs today.


All Natural Home Rugs’ wool sisal rugs are finished with 100 percent natural woven fiber with a latex backing. Our selection includes pre-made wool sisal rugs, including wool sisal area rugs, which come in a variety of attractive weave patterns and border colors. For those who love the natural look of wool and sisal carpet, our pre-made borderless or self-edge finished rugs offer simplicity and elegance. Our custom option for a sisal rug with borders that you design yourself puts you in charge.